On the move

Toronto is THE city.

so much to connect – Asian neighborhoods, familiar and really good good Asian food, people speaking my language – keeps me feel inclusive and comfortable

so much to explore – white culture, Filipino culture, hippie culture… – keeps things fresh and exciting

Vancouver is a dead city compared to here. There are so many tourists, young people, street performers, markets, restaurants, historic place to walk, especially with the Raptors parade that happened last Monday, the pride parade today, and the Jazz festival happening this month, the city is truly vibrant, much more so than Hong Kong – there’s always something to do. Sports is great here too, Raptors, Toronto FC, blue jays, everything you want. I really think sports is something that can truly unite the city together.

Would I want to stay here?

At my third stop: Toronto


Jetlag is shitty – I will be moving forward 15 hours and backward 30 hours in the span of three months, from Vancouver to Hong Kong back to Van but thru a different side of earth. The moment I have adjusted to the time, I have to switch my bio clock again and I know it’s screwing up my body. It’s worth it tho.

In Zurich, Switzerland – just had a 7 hr from Toronto, 7 more to go to Nairobi



Serene island retreat

Yusef Bushara from Warwick, Bermuda

Havard Kostamo from Oslo, Norway

Pietro Risso from Turin, Italy

Zach Zimmerman from White Horse, Yukon Canada

Christopher Fok from Hong Kong, …China?

Travelling in a group and with a host is such a different experience than solo. I don’t have to worry about transportation, food, finding places and things to do, and there’s a free tour guide who is always ready to tell you the history of this place and that building, and embodies the local island culture. But the flip sides are: group decisions, being a good company, compromises…

Bermuda is an interesting place. A small island with a 1-hour drive from one end to the other. When you go to town, you are almost guaranteed to see someone you know. It’s a tight-knit community, and your action and reputation are important. On an extreme: if you are a murderer in Bermuda, everyone knows it and your life is probably doomed, because you can’t hide it. In Hong Kong, you can probably start a new life. I’ve never seen my hk second year in my life even though we lived 3 mins away.

Beaches are pink and silky, water is clear and cool, food is diverse and unhealthy, people are kind and chill. It’s so easy to talk to someone you don’t know, Bermudians always greet “afernoon”, ask “what chu sayin”, tell you to “take it easy”, and “check you later”. It’s beautiful. In Hong Kong, people just mind their own business, if you see a Hongkonger when you travel, they be like “Don’t even dare to say hello to me.”

I was on this rock when the protests on extradition bill is happening. A chaotic time for Hong Kong, and a bit of a self-inspection on my perspective on politics and my role as a citizen. Maybe a bit of enlightenment as well.

Brother just came back from Israel, Parents just came back from South Korea, Sister in Azerbaijan now. Excited for what’s following in this summer. Feeling motivated, positive, hopeful, and excited.

On my Westjet plane to Toronto


Solo on foot – got a hang of the vancouver vibe, the contours of my surroundings, the diversity of culture, the First Nations origin of the land, the youth and freshness of the city, and the unusually beautiful weather.

Solo is a loud and busy experience: I constantly have to think about what’s next, figure out the transportation, be wary of my spending, but above all the nitty gritty, being alone allows your mind to reflect on specific past incidents, wander in a web of messy thoughts, and imagine the future ahead. Alone doesn’t mean lonely, and it’s a great time to focus on your own interest, do whatever the fuck you want, and make sure it’s a meaningful time.

In a span of a day, sitting in the UBC library, with sun pouring through the glass panes, I now have a clear visual of what I want to achieve over the summers, no matter with my travels, my academics, my university plans, my personal goals, my service projects and extra curricular, but above all, with my dearest family. I know it’s going to be an interesting one.

End of first year

Haven’t been writing for a bit.

Three months have gone by since last time and so much has happened. I’m not sure if I want to reflect on all of those. But parting was hard, the emotions were high, people were writing letters to others over night, but the next second, I was in the west coast wilderness doing a 6-day camping trip. I loved One World, I loved golden shoe, I loved recital, I loved every bits of second term. Felt so long but so short, time is so intangible in Pearson.

I’m looking ahead to second year. Everything will change. The weird vibe without second years. us being the leaders, the academics, the new firsties, the ever changing social dynamics, a different faculty — an unknown. Whatever is left at the end of the year will be gone, and here we go again from scratch.

Over the summer, I gotta keep thinking, enjoy but think, all the time. Know where I’m going with things, but leave some of them uncertain to make life fun, make myself less stressed. Hopefully more reflections are to come here.

UBC is beautiful, sun’s pouring in through the glass panes, solo life is good.

At my first stop: Vancouver, Canada


Where’s the energy?

Think about it, there’s 3 months to go.

I really try to do more crazy stuff, talk to more people, try new things, enjoy the nature, cook more, break the rules, take pictures, work on projects… With One World coming in 3 weeks and SAT in 2 weeks… Make the days count. Make it an insane time.

My philosophy has always been that we all have time, enough time. The occasional minutes spent on social media, the extra 2 hours of sleep during weekends that oversleeps you and makes you tired, the time spent going to town without actually accomplishing much, the time spent on watching dumb videos, the time in which we literally do nothing. But no, the point is not the time, it’s the energy, the concentration span. Where did my drive go?

One World is something I look forward, I am doing Gumboot core, Choir core and La song (playing the guitar for a mix of asian song) and guitar for the Whole school choir as well. I’m really committing time into it and working on the KULE expo sale as well. So much things I wanna do, can I actually manage them?

Maybe I’m forcing too hard, on academics, on social, on doing stuff, on relationships, trying too hard, I need rest, but I need to play the match first.

PS honestly this blog don’t actually make much sense to other people, the energy is kinda negative/questioning too, but it’s more for myself to reflect and record down emotions. Maybe doubting is just something part of me that keeps pushing me. The writing isn’t that good as well haha not much thought is actually put into it.