Some More November Adventures

Yesterday at village gathering, me, Daniel Corredor LLorente from Colombia, and Ivana from Croatia presented the idea of a Global Student Council in front of the community. It was pretty nerve-wrecking, not knowing how the community will react to the idea and the fact that it is us three, random group of people who are quiet, the word I don’t really like but cannot deny. Just the usual me that always perceives what others perceive me that make me reflect and reconsider to extreme measures. It was a pretty good presentation I think, but there will be a lot of work ahead of us because we have to come up with the bulk of the model before Christmas, and there’s predicted grade to deal with as well

Starting a new idea with Yusef and Pietro on Humans of Pearson, realizing how our stories is so unique and so accessible by the community and somewhat underutilized, we decided to relaunch, re-brand the idea again on Instagram and Facebook. Looking forward to the reception of the community and the end result. Same for KULE as well, working with an alumnus Aziz Sonawalla on the new website, really hyped to manage one regularly.

Started my Gumboot core practice, really hyped for the two years ahead of me and have fun from the work out but really really rhythmic steps. Man!

In general, I just set some goals with myself, just want myself to be presented as vocal, and active, trying my best to at least say one thing in a lesson, or in a discussion, and participate as much as possible. Trying to work my schedule out and clearly track my goals. Really, and sometimes I feel I’m kind a boring person, never dress up for special occasion, never prepare a birthday party for anyone, never have anything interesting to offer. Working on this too.

Went to Charter’s Creek with Laura today to see salmon spawning. Saw A LOT of salmon working their way upstream, jumping up rocks and logs, which seems just almost impossible. A lot of salmon that didn’t make it though and laid dead on the side, and the fishy smell just makes it more like a salmon graveyard. Saw some salmon eggs too. Hoped for a bear or two to appear catching salmon, that would be so cool, but we weren’t that lucky. It was such a field trip man, honestly the moment I stepped into Laura’s blue bus, I really thought for a second that it was magic school bus, damn it’s dumb but it’s real. Hyped for the two years of marine science, that just solidified my love Pearson.

It’s been quite a month, diving is on progress, so. This post is rather informative, didn’t think through how I wanted to phrase it. But damn, what a life and experience here, not even noticing how am I even changing. Love this place, 40 years later, my son will be here. Until next time.

Getting Started

I am Christopher from Hong Kong, Chinese name is 霍嘉強, currently studying in Lester B. Pearson United World College in Victoria, British Colombia. I never am really interested in writing or reading or anything related to literature/language, but I feel like the experience I will have these two years is worth recording down, just like how taking photos brings you back to a moment otherwise lost. My posts will probably be spontaneous thoughts and motivations that I have, which I think is a good way to record down my learning over the two years here, and maybe some ten years later, it would be a good past time activity – looking back to how I changed and grew.